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When it comes to power and the electric bill, many people will cringe when they see that envelope in the mail.  One thing that we can do is get in contact with electrical contractors in Montgomery AL to do an evaluation of your power to ensure that it is working optimally.  On top of that you can follow the following tips and tricks.

electrical contractors in Montgomery AL

Set your thermostat to a specific temp

One of the best things to do is set your thermostat to a specific temperature.  This way, your house will remain a constant temp and won’t work as hard as it could.  For most people the lower seventies is a great place to have it.  This way if it goes below it won’t kick on and if it goes over it will only run for a few minutes which will keep the temperature stable.

Use blinds

Another thing that you can do is have blinds or other coverings on the windows.  When you do, the sunlight will reflect off of them and return to the outside.  If you don’t have blinds then the sun will shine through the glass amplifying the heat and causing your air conditioning to go higher.

Make sure to clean your ac

If you want your house to be cool, make sure to clean your ac.  If you have clogged lines or if your freon is not charged then you’re going to be working twice as hard to get the house cool.  You can clean the ac by using a hose, removing filters and blowing air through the lines.  A professional can come in and make sure that your ac is running optimally.

Just watch your usage

As you use your power, try to monitor your usage.  If you are running items more than you should they will be cranking up your power bill.  If you find a way to run items off of batteries or during optimal times and conditions then you will get the greatest benefit out of them.